According to “the Mirror”, the British “Radio 2” shared an audio recording of what sounds like a dry cough associated with coronavirus.

The Coronavirus has two key symptoms – coughing and fever, but because it appears that during the winter flu season it is difficult to see if you are infected with covid-19.

The British “Radio 2” shared an audio recording of a dry cough resulting from Covid-19.

“A BBC employee has noticed a really useful description of the two main symptoms of the coronavirus,” said the radio host Jeremy Wayne before airing the recording of a dry cough.

This Is What the Coughing of People Infected with Coronavirus Sounds Like:

Laura Foster then explained what kind of cough it was.

“When you cough, and you don’t cough out any mucus, it’s a dry cough. This is the case if you are suffering from coronavirus and not coughing from time to time, but we are talking about a constant cough for which there is no other reason if you are a non-smoker and if you clear your throat. ”she said.


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